DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou Mame Pack


Run the launcher.bat to play the game

Default controls are WASD and UIO for laser/bomb/autofire shot, 5 for coin and 1 for P1 start.

press Tab to open up the menu, you might want to change your controls and other stuff.

in slider controls you can use the CPU Overclock and Blitter Delay settings to adjust the slowdown to further match the PCB The cpu overclock value is not saved for some unknown reason

To change between backgrounds go to Video options, choose screen and choose your background.

What this does:

  • latest mame ready to run DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou
  • creates a launcher.bat that will help you running the game
  • can choose between different bezels straight from the xbox360 version (thanks hyperscorpio from emuline)
  • opens the game right at the title screen, skipping all the diagnostics and warning messages
  • prescale x4 to avoid blurry pixels, the next best thing after integer scaling lol

dodonpachi saidaioujou